LHC Injection Tests



The second injection test took place on 6-9 November. It took beam into sector 23 and sector 78, sector 67 and sector 56. Beam 2 was taken to the beam dump in point 6 and then to the tertiary collimators at point 5. Full program under link on the left.

Nice image of a splash event courtesy of CMS.

First test of 2009 performed successfully 23-27 October  A few highlights here


The LHC was fully cold by mid August. This is being followed by continued powering tests, consolidation and machine checkout in preparation for beam. Five injection tests took place.

Performance note covering the 5 tests

Results from the 5th injection test 10th September

The third test is foreseen for 5th - 8th September during which the plan would be to take the beam from point 8 to the beam dump at point 6, and a the same time perform a dry run of the totality of the LHC in preparation for the start of beam commissioning proper on the 10th September.

The first test successfully injected beam at point 2, transversed ALICE, sector 2-3 and then dumped the beam on the momentum cleaning collimators at point 3. (Details below)

The second test:

  • Injected at point 8, through LHCb, sector 78 and to the collimators at point 7.
  • It took place over the weekend 23/24 August
  • Full access system appropriate to injection of beam into the LHC
  • Low intensity pilot bunches
  • Also repeated part of the beam1 TI 2 - sector 23 beam tests to check out some possible polarity issues near point 3. Suspicions confirmed and corrected.
  • It all went very well! Remarkable performance from a huge number of systems.

First beam to IR7

first beam ir 7

Results from first test: